ASU’s Up and Coming Track Stars

Brock WestermanZak Bowling

Sophomore Distance Runners Zak Bowling and Brock Westerman were interviewed about their particular races and a few other things. They are both distance runners. The races they run are Cross Country, The 1-mile and 2-mile distance races. They both had just finished the Cross Country season. Brock is redshirted this season because of an injury to his ankle working over the summer time that hindered him from being able to participate. It turned out to be a very depressing situation for him. Yet, he is still recovering and he plans on making a serious comeback when he is 100% and ready for action. Zak also had an injury that hindered him. Zak injured his ankle running on the course a day before a big race called the “Chili Peppers”. It was a burden for Zak because he missed out on an opportunity to qualify for the Sun Belt conference race. Since then Zak has recovered and he plans on making a lot of noise in the Sun Belt Conference for the indoor track season. They both have the same expectations of winning the Sun Belt Conference for the Indoor Track Season. Also one thing that they are proud of is that the Arkansas State University’s Track team has the best overall G.P.A. for the Sun Belt Conference. They both feel that education is an essential tool for life. They both prepare for track meets the same by waking up taking an early morning job of 1 or 2 miles. They eat properly before the meets to make sure that they have the proper nutrition to withstand the exhaustion of distance running. Brock listens to Rock music, while Zak likes to zone out in a quiet setting while they both meditate on how they want to approach each race and what times they would want to meet to be competitive. They both love their head coach, Jim Patchell, and also they love their distance coach, Kyle Chandler. Zak said that “Coach Patchell knows what he wants and he does a very good job of preparing us for our meets.” They both really appreciate Coach Chandler as well because they like his methods of coaching. Zak and Bruce says “He really cares about our progression and our health and he knows exactly what he is doing as a distance coach.” Another hobby that Bruce enjoys is hunting. Any kind of hunting he is a fan for. Zak likes to play basketball and he is a fan of the sport. Their upcoming meet is this Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. Go and check the future superstars out for the Arkansas State University’s Track/ Cross Country team.


Dylan Carrion

Dylan Carrion, a junior from north Texas, plays half back for the Arkansas State Rugby team. For those of you who don’t know what a half back is, Dylan says it is “similar to a quarterback in football, except you gotta play defense too.”He is unique to the team because of his small size. Although one would think being over sized in the game would be a disadvantage, Dylan thinks otherwise. “It is an advantage in some areas as far as quickness and coordination… as long as you want to make the tackle, you’ll make the tackle; it’s just the desire to,” Carrion says.

Playing his third year for the Redwolves, Carrion expects big things for the sevens team. Many people, including myself, aren’t familiar with the term “sevens” but it is actually a whole new level of rugby. It is currently the sevens season and the fifteens off season. “Fifteens” is how the sport started out… it is the original game of rugby. Sevens is a little different in that there are only seven players. Carrion says, “It’s much like 7 on 7 football where only the skill and speed positions play, except in rugby it is an actual sport… full tackle and same rules.” Although it is the same as fifteens, Carrion says you have to be quicker because you’re covering twice the ground and your ball skills have to be more in tune because the passes are twice as long.

Dylan is much respected by his teammates because he has finally reached his full potential after recovering from an injury that was said to be career ending. “I started doing research and I read about how all of these professional players that never came back from even a sprain of this ligament in my foot and I had a complete tear,” Carrion says. After three months on crutches and over a year of treatment and rehab to get back to his full strength, he has finally made it.

Arkansas State University’s students and faculty are all well aware of who the rugby team is and how successful they are. The support the players receive is something that Dylan is grateful for. “It’s really encouraging to have the whole community, not just the school behind you,” Carrion added. He mentioned that many of their opponents have very minimal support from their school and majority of their classmates have no idea what rugby even is or that they are athletes.

The sevens rugby team will be competing in Nationals at Texas A&M on December 1st.

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Red Wolves Rising: ASU Track and Field Inspired by a Glorious Past

    At a time in American athletics history when nobody expected anything from a lowly southern University, A young man by the name Thomas Hill went to the Munich, Germany Olympics in 1972 and won a Silver medal in the 110m hurdle. Soon after that Earl Bell only 20 years old at the time put his hometown Jonesboro and indeed his nation in the world athletics map by setting a new pole-vaulting world record. He would go on to represent the USA in 3 Olympic games winning a bronze medal in one of those. The success of Earl bell prompted Al Joyner to come to ASU. He would go on to win a gold medal in triple Jump for the USA in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games.

Earl Bell with his Bronze Medal from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Coach Guy Kochel ASU track and Field coach 1972-1989 

ASU has maintained a tradition of excellence with Coach Guy Kochel as far as representing the USA in international track and field competitions. From 1972 till date the school has been breeding several notable names. Thomas Hill, Earl Bell, Al Joyner, Kellie Suttle and Jeff Hartwig are a few of the many great athletes that have found inspiration from ASU. Earl Bell recalled training at ASU for the Olympic games and present Coach Jim Patchell also came to ASU as a student because of the good track record of the University.

Fast forward three decades after, a new set of athletes are inspired to come to Arkansas state university in pursuit of great achievement in their athletics career. The ASU cross country team are doing great things at the moment but they are reminded by the achievements of athletes before them and the University that offers them that opportunity.

Inspired ASU Track Star Sharika Nelvis

Sharika Nelvis would not get an opportunity to run for other A schools until ASU gave her an opportunity, at the moment she has improved into a promising athlete for the future. The ASU track and field program have also attracted young pole-vaulter

Inspired ASU Pole vault Star Ethan Sandusky


 Ethan Sandusky who didn’t think he would make it to college level pole vaulting or be a serious contender. He is presently already looking ahead to the Olympic games.

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   It may have been a few years now since ASU have provided another Olympic athlete but Coach Patchell ask to send the word out that “red wolves is rising” and it will not be long before the name of a great University is mentioned again over the speakers of an Olympic arena. The ASU track meet will begin in December and it surely is an opportunity for all promising ASU athletes to flex their muscle as they prepare for a great future inspired by a glorious past.

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ASU Track & Field Coach

A native of Heber Springs, Ark., Patchell also served asmen’s assistant track coach at Arkansas from 1996-99, coaching pole vaulters and multi-event athletes. During his tenure with the Razorbacks, Arkansas won seven national championships – one in cross country, three indoors and three outdoor track.
Patchell then moved on to Arkansas, where in addition to his coaching duties, he served as a graduate instructor in the physical education department while working on a doctorate degree. Patchell completed his Ph.D. in Kinesiology from the University of Arkansas in December of 2007.
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Many ASU athletes come from different countries and cultures.  The same is true of Foster Ngowe who comes to Jonesboro from Zimbabwe in Africa.  Ngowe is a freshman engineering major who specializes in long jumps and the 400 meter.  In this clip, he discusses how he began running and how he ended up in Jonesboro.

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ASU Men’s Soccer Club

The Arkansas State Men’s Soccer Club is back in action for the 2012-2013 Campaign. After a seven year absence the team has played four official games including a 5-1 victory over Memphis November 10th. Members of the club come all over the globe bringing students together through one major goal that unites them all. The team welcomes all new supporters to get out and watch excellent competitive soccer and represent ASU.



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More than Words——ASU Men’s Soccer Club II

ASU Men’s Soccer Club, member of the NIRSA, which gives young men the opportunity to play competitive collegiate soccer throughout the United States. 

The organization established in 2012 that provides young men with a structured, team-centered place to continue to develop their soccer and life skills in a collegiate setting.

Audio Interview of Players

ASUSC Kyle Stroup Interview

ASUSC Hamid Nidlarbi Interview

ASUSC Kevin Wong Interview

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