Sports Ed: Intramural Soccer

As many people will tell you, college is about way more than just the classroom.

There’s people to network with, interest clubs to connect with, Greek organizations which create sister and brother bonds and then there’s intramural sports.

But how exactly do intramural sports help a student besides being recreational?

How can playing an intramural sport help a student attain a better college education? 

To answer this question, we took a look at two active college students involved in intramural soccer to see what insight they could give.


Bethany Gallimore






Gallimore currently plays on the intramural soccer team known as The Avengers who sport a record of 3-0-1 (three wins, zero losses, one tie). She joined the team right before their first game on October 12th.

“I played soccer as a little kid,” she said,  “but this is my first time playing seriously…We play to win, but we play to have fun too.”

Along with being a member of The Avengers, Gallimore is the #Life editor of The Herald (Arkansas State University’s newspaper), the production coordinator of Red Wolf Radio, a College of Media and Communication (CMAC) senator for the Student Government Association, a CMAC student ambassador and a student ambassador of the Honors College.

With so much on her plate, soccer has become the way Gallimore’s takes a break from the pressure of success.

“Intramural sports help take my mind off the constant pressure to succeed in college and find a career.”

“Soccer is a way for me to wind down and dispel pent-up energy. It’s also helped me make more friends and invest more time in the A-state community rather than my own ambitions.”

Ethan Lewellen (left) and his niece (right)






Lewellen currently plays on the intramural soccer team known as the Super Smash Brothers. Their current record is 0-4-1 (zero wins, four losses, one tie).

Lewellen is also a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and is the president of the A-state chapter of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.

So why intramural soccer?

“I was never afforded an opportunity to play organized soccer as a kid, or even in high school. This was a chance for me to live out [that dream].”

As far as how playing soccer has bettered his college experience, Lewellen had this to say:

“It provided an avenue for me to meet new people and engage with people from different cultures.”

“I’ve always respected soccer as a sport, but playing it with so many different people has [given me a] respect [for the] game on a deeper level.”


As demonstrated here by intramural soccer, playing an intramural sport is a great way for college students to find that stress reliever, to meet new people, to diversify their circle and educate themselves outside the classroom in a healthy, active way.

There are many intramural sports out there. Go out there and try one regardless of your skill set.

You might just find that little piece of knowledge you were missing out on.

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International Athletes of ASU Men’s Golf Team

Golf has forever been looked at as a revered sport. Many people view Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as the leaders within golf, however, international players such as Sang-Moon Bae from South Korea and Jonas Blixt from Sweden have become leaders as well.

At Arkansas State University, the golf team has several athletes from representing international countries from South Africa, Sweden and Spain. As they’ve progressed on the team and transitioned to America, these players have proven to be leaders.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Christian Helmbold, Albert Arribas, Petter Salqvist and Oswin Schlenkrich to discuss the advantage they took when learning of the golf team as well as their transition to the United States.

To learn more about the golf team and their upcoming tournament, visit

Will Red Wolves Play Lacrosse?

Ultimate frisbee and flag football are just two of the intramural sports played at Arkansas State University. Could there possibly be a new addition to this list?

Photo curtesy of

Director of Campus Recreation, Carol Cummings                 Photo Curtesy of

According to Director of Campus Recreation, Carol Cummings, ASU might be able to play lacrosse on our intramural fields.

Though the addition of lacrosse was proposed by students, it must first be approved by the by school’s Department of Intramural Sports.  A decision will be made based on: the reception of students through a survey (the link can be found at the end of this article), “facility space, academic calendar, cost and equipment resources.”

A-State Intramural Fields Photo Curtesy of

A-State Intramural Fields                                    Photo Curtesy of

Though a a final decision has yet to be reached, some students have heard of lacrosse possibly coming to Arkansas State.

“I think that if the team was well advertised, numerous people would at least come to the first meeting.  The student body is usually reciprocal of something that grabs their attention right off the bat.  Some may come just to see what it’s all about, and as long as it’s interesting, they’ll stay.”  says A-State freshman Crystal Kachevas.

“I believe it would be another outlet for me to show my support for the school.”  explains student, Jordan Phillip Moore.

To see what a typical lacrosse game involves, watch this video curtesy of YouTube

To take the survey on lacrosse at Arkansas State, click this link:

For more information on the basics of lacrosse click this link:


Arkansas State is no stranger to club sports being on campus, however they are welcoming back Women’s Rugby this year. Coach NeMani Delaibatiki tells us that it makes the Rugby team complete having the women’s program back here at ASU.

Twenty-eight girls most with athletic backgrounds in soccer and softball came out to join the team. The Women’s Rugby team has been putting in a lot of hard work and practice leading up to their first 7s tournament on November 22 and 23 here in Jonesboro.

This new team will face many opponents who have experienced programs. Senior Captain, Alex Barylske, tells us that they have been practicing twice a week in preparation for the upcoming tournament. When asked her favorite part of playing rugby she stated, “because I get to tackle girls without getting into trouble.”

Coach Mani told us that just like any other sporting team, they will begin recruiting after this first season. Be sure to come out to the Rugby field on November 22 and 23 to catch these ladies in action!

ASU Rugby

Soccer Match Preparation

Preparation for a soccer match is very important. In soccer, you are constantly running and using your body to try to score a point. You also have to try to stop the other team from scoring goals. Wearing the right gear is important in this sport because one could easily get injured. You use your legs and feet mostly in the game of soccer so you have to make sure that they are well protected. In the video, senior Ethan Lewellen shows what gear to use to protect your legs, guard your shins, and the right cleats to use. Stretching before a game is always important because you don’t want to pull a muscle. You always have to prepare before a game to perform at the best of your abilities.

photo Ethan Lewellen prepared for his game. -Photo by Keandra Gross

Red Wolves Volleyball Team Sweeps Georgia State Panthers 3-0

Arkansas State Libero Markie Schaedig prepares to serve to Georgia State.  The Red Wolves won the match 3-0. (Eric Frazier, Sportscasting class)

Arkansas State Libero Markie Schaedig prepares to serve to Georgia State. The Red Wolves won the match 3-0. (Eric Frazier, Sportscasting class)

By: Eric Frazier-The Arkansas State Red Wolves volleyball team defeated the Georgia State Panthers in a 3-0 sweep.  With the win the Red Wolves increase their record to 11-5 on the year and 6-1 in Sunbelt conference play.

The Red Wolves took the first set 25-19 after leading the first set 5-0.  Drew Jones led the team in kills for that set with six.  Last week’s Sun Belt conference defensive player of the week Markie Schaedig led the team in digs with 12.

The Red Wolves then took the second set 25-16.  Drew Jones again led the team in kills for that set with 9 and Markie Schaedig let the team in digs with 14.

The final set was tighter than the previous two with Georgia State hanging tough with the Red Wolves but in the end, The Red Wolves closed out the match with 25-20 score.  In that set, Sara Kemp and Drew Jones both led the team in kills with 12.  While Markie Schaedig led the team in digs with 18.

Although Arkansas State coach David Rehr was happy that his team won, he felt that his team could have done better in the game.

“We give a lot of credit to Georgia State they did a really good job today.  Their game plan was pretty good. They frustrated us most of the night, so we didn’t play our best, but I love the fact that we are at a place right now where we can be upset with a win.” Rehr said.

The Red Wolves get a chance to improve their performance and their record on Tuesday October 14, 2014 when they hit the road to take on conference foe University of Arkansas Little Rock.  First serve is at 7 p.m.

Soccer MidFielder

In Soccer one of the most important positions is Mid Fielder . The Mid Fielder is the pulse of the team without it the team cannot function. The Mid Fielder sets up the offense and sets up the defense. The Mid Fielder is a key position in all levels of Soccer.

Samhia Pereira Simao is a 5’8 Senior Midfielder from Brazil at Arkansas State University. Samhia is one of the key players and captains on the soccer team now playing in her senior year. Due to a season ending injury Samhia will not be able to finish competing on the soccer field this year. In 2013 she was name female athlete of the year after breaking North West college schools all-time record for goals in two season which were 40 goals. At Arkansas State University in 2013 she appeared in 15 matches while making 14 starts. She finished second on the team with six goals and third with 43. As you can see the Mid Fielder position is a very important position.