Red Wolves Gameday: Dance Team Edition

Here at Arkansas State, we pride ourselves on being passionate about our university and all of our athletic programs. This is the time of year where our spirit is put on full display.

Fall Saturday’s, Thursday’s, Tuesday’s and even Wednesday’s are for A-State football. One of the traditions at Arkansas State is the Red Wolf Walk.

Coach Blake Anderson and his team take a stroll down through “Tailgate City” and greet fans on their way into Centennial Bank Stadium. Surrounding the team are members of the A-State Cheer Squad and Dance Team.

This led me to think about what all goes into the day as a member of one of these spirit squads. Luckily for me, I was able to catch up with Red Wolves freshman dancer Ellie Stafford and in the interview below, she takes you inside a gameday from the cheering perspective.



Never looking back

ty-robbinson-courtesy of

Ty Robbinson is a 6 foot 4 decathlete from Little Rock Arkansas and a member of Arkansas State’s Track and Field team. This First-year student-athlete is focused on school, athletics, family, and life. He is a multi-events athlete, meaning he does many events at track meets, including the 100, 110 hurdles, the 400, 1500, and much more!

Originally Ty is from Austin Texas but was born in Little Rock. In a recent interview, he told how big of an impact his family had on his life and how they inspired him to keep going and never give up in life! He aspires to become a conference champion while he is still here at Arkansas State. However, his schooling comes first ahead of athletics.

interview with Ty Robbinson

Ty told me outside of the interview that he’d one day like to become an Olympic athlete. Ty hasn’t always done track and field, he played for the varsity basketball team in high school! He has two main role models in his life his nana and Ashton Eaton, a track and field decathlete and two-time U.S. Olympian.


-courtesy of Ty Robbinson

Track and field are two sports that oftentimes goes overlooked in the United States.  However, there are a lot of people who participate in the activities done. These activities give plenty of opportunities to succeed in life. So even though some sports go “under the radar” you can still live a very successful life if you just keep moving and never look back!



A-State Shooting Sports

Have you ever been a member of a team that competes in national tournaments, but never practices? Hayden Zirbel is a member of one of those teams. That team is the A-State Shooting Sports Team.

Zirbel is a senior interdisciplinary studies major from Jonesboro. Zirbel has a passion for the sport and got involved at a young age. He started out competing with the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program in high school. Zirbel was competitive at this program and as he grew older began to compete more in the Amateur Trapshooting Association. As he transitioned into college at A-State, he became involved with the shooting sports team. He has competed in national tournaments and has brought back national titles to A-State.

The A-State Shooting Sports team competes annually in the spring at the ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships. This is a week-long competition held in San Antonio, TX. A-State has won 5 National Titles at this event.

Practice is key to these events. This team rarely practices as a team, so each member is responsible for practicing before the event.

Zirbel says that there is a competitive aspect to the sport, but ultimately they are there to have fun doing what they love.

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