ASTATE Q&A: Mallory Warrington

Every succesful team, in any team sport, has to have a top-notch passer. A master pass distributor is the the key element that makes a team flow smoothly. It requires a unique combination of awareness, selflessness, and exceptional athletic ability. In fact, when one refers to a great team as “a well-oiled machine,” the assist-man/woman is the oil. In the NFL, you might think Tom Brady. In the NBA, my first thought is Chris Paul. For Arkansas State Red Wolves Volleyball, it’s Mallory Warrington.

Warrington is a 5’7 Senior from Lake St.Louis, Missouri. Her Senior Class will go down as a group that played a part in transforming ASU Volleyball into a consistent winner. Individually, the redshirt senior finished off her collegiate career with a boom. Prior to the conference tournament, Warrington’ s 1,253 assists ranked third in the entire NCAA; her 11.93 assists per set ranked second. To top it off, she was awarded Sun Belt Conference Setter of the Year and First Team All-Conference.

Recently, Mallory was kind enough to answer a few questions for me:

Hi Mallory, first of all, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and congratulations on a truly impressive career. I had the privilege of doing commentary for a game earlier in the semester, and I have followed the team’s progress since. Here are a few questions I have for you:

  1. You are credited as being one of the leaders of Senior Class that changed the culture of volleyball here at ASU, how does it make you feel to be mentioned in such high regard?

It’s honestly an honor to be considered someone that had a role in building this program. All 5 seniors had a different role that worked with each other and helped this team get to where we are today. Coming into this program we each had high expectations and worked very hard for four years to leave our mark!

  1. You have received countless awards throughout your career for outstanding play, is there one that stands out the most?

      I am very humbled by the achievements I have accomplished and there is no way    I could accomplish them without my teammates. One that truly stands out to me is            Setter of the Year 2015. I sat out the spring season in 2015 due to shoulder surgery        and   had to work very hard to get back to normal. It was nice to see that all of my hard     work paid off!

  1. Many athletes have little rituals they do before a game, do you have one that you would like to share?

The closest thing I have to a ritual before games is doing every thing in the exact same order. I like routine before games!

  1. Now that your collegiate career is coming to a close, do you have plans to pursue a professional career?

I do not have plans to pursue a professional career. I have been blessed to play this sport for 15+ years and I think it is time to move onto the next chapter in my life. I plan to finish my degree in Radiology and specialize in x-ray and ultrasound.

  1. Finally, you are known as a set-up specialist. Did you ever wish you were on the other end delivering the kills, or is it truly better to give than receive?

I have always been a setter since the day I started playing competitive volleyball. I is something that came very natural to me. I enjoy setting, because I love to celebrate for my hitters and praise my passers. It is nice that I get to touch the ball almost every play and control what happens on our side of the net!

Once again, thanks for the time, and best of luck to you in the future!

ASU is truly lucky to have had Mallory Warrington and the rest of this year’s Senior Class. From all of us to all of the Seniors on the Red Wolves Volleyball team, thank you; you make us proud!

Sun Belt Conference Awards

Warrington Bio


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