Behind The Scenes

Baseball Field

The Arkansas State baseball team has 35 players on their roster that are seen every day on campus, out in public, and of course on the baseball field. You also see the coaches out in the public, sometimes around campus, and on the field that get a lot of credit for getting their team ready to start a new season. The people that never get credit or are even well known around campus for what they do is the equipment managers on the baseball team.

The managers play a huge role on the team. They get the field ready every day before practice, they open the locker room for early morning lifting, and they do the laundry after weights and practice. If the baseball team did not have these guys than I don’t think they would know what to do. They do all of the stuff that none of the players want to do or what the coaches want to do.

Another big role they have on the baseball team is getting the lockers stocked up with all the gear the team needs. You might think this is an easy task but they have to make sure each player has the correct size, the right number, and that they are not missing anything. They also make sure the gear is not damaged and if it is then they make sure a non damaged pair is in the locker and ready for the game or practice.

Their job is not something that goes unnoticed. They are rewarded every year for the job they do year round. The way they are rewarded is through a scholarship that is granted to them. The scholarship works differently for each manager based off of their year in school. Freshman are granted a 25 percent scholarship, sophomores get 50 percent, junior get 75 percent, and seniors receive a 100 percent scholarship. The benefits of this job are pretty good but their is an interview process that is involved, late nights and early mornings, and jobs that are not to fun a lot of the time.

The managers also get to travel with the team and miss class in the spring. This might seem like a vacation but it really isn’t. They still wash the jerseys every night and have the clothes ready the next morning for the team to play their next game. They also make sure the team has lunch every day and dinner every night. They have done a great job through the years doing this for the team so we will see if they can keep it up.

The baseball coaches and players know what these managers go through every day. They are treated just like every other player on the team and they know that. This is a big role in Coach Raffo’s eyes and he makes sure his players know that. He makes sure the managers are thanked as much as possible and he cares for them just as much as his players.

Arkansas State Baseball


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