About Hayden George

Tyler George is a sophomore at Arkansas State University and he is majoring in multimedia journalism with an emphasis in sports reporting. He grew up in Marion, Arkansas, which is roughly an hour south from Jonesboro and it is also a short drive away form the city of Memphis, Tennessee. His dream is to one day have his own sports talk radio show. Going into college, he had aspirations of becoming a high school teacher and also to coach baseball. When he put those plans on hold, he turned to sports radio and found an interest in having a show of his own. His prior communication courses he has taken at ASU include Mass Communication in Modern Society, Media Writing, Media Grammar and Style, Multimedia Production and Intro to Visual Communication. Some reasoning he has for taking this course is that this course is required for his degree he wants to obtain and he expects to learn skills to better himself as an all-around journalist. In this course, credibility is everything and without that a reporter has no chance of being successful in this industry. As far as to what makes a good student and teacher, one common denominator that can be found in both parties, according to George, is professionalism. When each side is capable of showing respect toward each other, the course will be a lot easier to manage, no matter how difficult the content is to comprehend. As far as this course is concerned, George expects that the class will provide him with some adversity being that it is a step towards his degree, but he expects to come away with nothing less than a “C.” George was an athlete throughout his entire high school career. From playing baseball at one of the most competitive levels in the state, the 6A East, he learned how to compete and that’s what drives him every day. He hates to lose and the thought of losing only pushes him to be that much better than his opposition. If there was one word that could be used to describe him, look no further than “competitive.” George is a received knower because if the experts think that something is correct, he tends to agree because they are experts for a reason. He anticipates graduating in May of 2018. However, with the concurrent credit hours he had coming into A-State, he may be looking at graduating in December of 2017. He hasn’t put much thought into a master’s degree, but he does say that if the opportunity presents itself, it’s definitely something he would like to accomplish. George is a busy man. His classes that are focused in the field of media keep him busy because of the strenuous workload that can sometimes be put on him, but he embraces the challenge. In addition to being a full-time student, he is an employee of East Arkansas Broadcasters in Jonesboro. When he had the desire of being a radio show host, he decided that it would be a good idea to get familiar with the environment he was wanting to get himself into. After interning for EAB in the fall of 2015, he landed a part-time job and he is now a studio engineer for local high school basketball games. This is certainly the industry he wants to be in, but it isn’t necessarily the job he wants to have. He would much rather be at the game calling the action rather than being at the studio playing commercials. George is a big fan of the Star Wars movies and the last movie he went to see was the latest movie in the Star Wars series, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” He loves the action, the drama and the reunion of the characters from the previous movies in the series. He claims that the last two pieces of music he purchased were from iTunes and they are two songs that are polar opposites. “Troubadour” by George Strait and “Blessings” by Drake are the two songs and he said his reasoning for buying these two songs is that he enjoys to relax with older country music and he also likes to stay in the now and listen to the best artists in today’s music world. George isn’t much of a book reader, but the two most memorable books he read were “My Conference Can Beat Your Conference” by Paul Finebaum and Gene Wojciechowski and “The Big Field” by Mike Lupica. Finebaum and Wojciechowski’s book deals with fans of schools in the Southeastern Conference and how the level of talent is far and away better than any other conference in America and he admires the passion and how Finebaum speaks on behalf of hundreds of thousands of fans. Lupica’s book is about a boy who gets to play on a minor league baseball stadium, but not before enduring some tough times and showing the perseverance and strength to overcome those tough times. The newspaper that he admires the most is “The Evening Times” which covers news from all across Crittenden County and it’s mainly because he is a really good friend of the sports editor at that newspaper and he enjoys reading his articles. On a scale of 1-10, George’s Internet skills are probably an 8 mainly because he likes to stay in the loop with all of the new technology and media outlets that continually form. His first access of the Internet came when he was around 5-years-old at his grandmother’s house, but now he is able to access it on his iPhone and his iPad. You can email him at tyler.george@smail.astate.edu and his personal Web address is astatetylergeorge.wordpress.com. He has a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and he enjoys social media because it is a way to communicate not only with friends and celebrities, but it is also a way to express his own opinions and let the world see them. Some of his personal strengths are his work ethic, his competitive drive and his willingness to adapt to whatever is given to him and in ten years or so, he hopes those qualities will earn him his own sports talk radio show. If he had $50 for two weeks of groceries, he would spend most of his money on cereal, milk and water. George loves to work hard and he hopes his persistence earns him a degree and the job he desires.

Red Wolves Gameday: Dance Team Edition

Here at Arkansas State, we pride ourselves on being passionate about our university and all of our athletic programs. This is the time of year where our spirit is put on full display.

Fall Saturday’s, Thursday’s, Tuesday’s and even Wednesday’s are for A-State football. One of the traditions at Arkansas State is the Red Wolf Walk.

Coach Blake Anderson and his team take a stroll down through “Tailgate City” and greet fans on their way into Centennial Bank Stadium. Surrounding the team are members of the A-State Cheer Squad and Dance Team.

This led me to think about what all goes into the day as a member of one of these spirit squads. Luckily for me, I was able to catch up with Red Wolves freshman dancer Ellie Stafford and in the interview below, she takes you inside a gameday from the cheering perspective.



The Rough Side of Rugby

Prior to attending Arkansas State University, I had always heard of how successful the rugby team was and they weren’t even an NCAA-sanctioned sport. Since being here, I’ve made good friends with a fraternity brother of mine, Dalton Steele. Dalton is from South Carolina and he came to ASU to play rugby.


During his time here, he suffered multiple concussions on the pitch. Faced with a tough decision, Steele decided it was best to give up the sport he loved in order to prevent further injury.

After hearing his story, I immediately begin to wonder of the correlation between rugby concussions and concussions in American football. Similar to the National Football League, CTE is being heavily researched overseas by European doctors. One study showed rugby players take an average of 77 hits to head per game. The game is dangerous and with athletes becoming bigger, faster and stronger, the game will continue to be violent.




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