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Sabina Jeresic is a student-athlete who is a member of the Arkansas State Women’s tennis team. She is from Virovitica, Croatia. She told me some interesting things during a recent interview. She has played tennis since she was a child, she began at the age of 7. Since then she has started to have a passion for the sport.

Sabina was privileged enough to be able to come to the United States to pursue her goals. However, she is unsure if she wants to actually become a professional tennis player, as she is worried more about being a student rather than being an athlete just yet. She told me that in her home country of Croatia you really have two options as an athlete; you can put all you have in becoming an athlete where you may or may not succeed, or you can go to college and pursue an education.



Sabina Jeresic improving her skills at the practice court

Sabina Jeresic Interview


As stated in the interview above Sabina’s favorite tennis player is Roger Federer She told me that if she were to become a professional she would want to model her game and attitude like his. It is definitely a big goal to follow after and some big shoes to fill, but with a lot of effort, and determination Sabina will accomplish her biggest dreams.

A lot goes with becoming a student-athlete. They have to learn how to manage their time for sports, eat healthy, and make time for school at the same time. Pursuing tennis is not a decision that most people make because the sport isn’t as popular as others. However, if you keep pressing on and pursuing your dreams any sport can rise from under the radar.


Never looking back

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Ty Robbinson is a 6 foot 4 decathlete from Little Rock Arkansas and a member of Arkansas State’s Track and Field team. This First-year student-athlete is focused on school, athletics, family, and life. He is a multi-events athlete, meaning he does many events at track meets, including the 100, 110 hurdles, the 400, 1500, and much more!

Originally Ty is from Austin Texas but was born in Little Rock. In a recent interview, he told how big of an impact his family had on his life and how they inspired him to keep going and never give up in life! He aspires to become a conference champion while he is still here at Arkansas State. However, his schooling comes first ahead of athletics.

interview with Ty Robbinson

Ty told me outside of the interview that he’d one day like to become an Olympic athlete. Ty hasn’t always done track and field, he played for the varsity basketball team in high school! He has two main role models in his life his nana and Ashton Eaton, a track and field decathlete and two-time U.S. Olympian.


-courtesy of Ty Robbinson

Track and field are two sports that oftentimes goes overlooked in the United States.  However, there are a lot of people who participate in the activities done. These activities give plenty of opportunities to succeed in life. So even though some sports go “under the radar” you can still live a very successful life if you just keep moving and never look back!